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We are friendly family run business near Clacton on sea Essex, we have 40 years experience in this industry. Seating is our specialty and we can accommodate for whatever the seating needs you have whether your a weekend tourer and long for some new bright vibrant modern seats or if your restaurant seats need a splash of comfort, just follow these steps below.

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How the service works

1. CALL US FOR A PRICE - Please have the approx measurements to hand.

2. YOU CHOOSE The Fabric  we recommend using
Or you can Either visit us to choose from our  Quality range and Luxury range. Or if you already have or the fabric that you want, Thats fine call us for a price. Please call to arrange a time and date for dropping off cushions.

3. NEW FOAM - Decide if you need the seats re-foamed, Completely or just a extra layer to add comfort.

4. PICK UP - if you Just have the coves made? We will aim to have them ready in 5 working days Re foams may take slightly longer.

5. Your Seating area is Transformed

Use CONTACT US For a price.

The options are Covers & Foam replacement or Covers only.

Covers and Foam is exactly what it says a brand new foam shaped to your current design and fitted covers which can either be removable and washable or permanently fixed with buttoning.

Covers Only is just the covers which again can be removable and washable or if permanently fixed with buttoning we require the foam to which we are making the covers for to be able to do this. So arrange a time and date to drop them off by contacting us.

Need Help in getting your measurements??? Read below for some guidance. take your measurements in inches

Measure you seats from top right hand corner to top left hand corner pulling the material tight to get a accurate length measurement e.g. 109 inches/ 279cm = 2.79 meters.( Divide the inches by 39 to get the measurements in meters.)

Again do the same and get your width this is from the back of the seat to the front e.g. 22 inches

Same again to get your depth e.g. 3 inches.

Once you've got these measurements Call linda for a quote on 01255 830412 Or send them to us via the CONTACT US page.

L & R Caravan Seats Call linda for any questions on 01255 830412  Weeley, Clacton on Sea

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